Branding process: Tell me a story


The first day I worked with Sagi Haviv he looked through my strategy portfolio, which his facial expressions thought were utterly uninteresting. He did politely say that he liked the choice of colors on couple of frameworks, and then followed up, “But I don’t see the solution.”

Let’s be honest: designers are not enthusiastic about strategy.

Strategy feels like a rigid maze that imprisons the creative magic of beautiful solutions, assuming people haven’t forgotten about strategy completely by the third meeting. But when this happens, we miss many opportunities to do good design, producing disjointed, incoherent work (just look at Uber). What if we could do better?

Behind every successful design, there is a great strategy.

Strong design always embodies one simple idea, one resonant feeling. These ideas and feelings are the result of a well-crafted strategy, which empowers design to create something compelling, original and genuinely helpful. When design can hear strategy, both will have the chance to foster acceptance for a world inhabited by people, not consumers.

The way to be heard is the same as always: tell a good story about it ;)