Julia Makhalova 




I am Julia. I am a New York-based creative brand strategist obsessed with unlocking the long-lost hallways behind people’s stories. This pursuit has taken me through Russia, France, China, and finally the US, where I graduated from the Masters in Branding program at the School of Visual Arts (Class of 2017). I’ve been amazed by the beauty of humans at every stop, but I am just as amazed by how brands miss that beauty, losing countless opportunities for connection.

I believe behind every successful strategy, there is a deep understanding of human stories and motivations. These become impossible to catch when strategies only dare to retread the familiar rooms and their ideas. To stay relevant and connected to a world changing faster than ever before, brand strategy must dare to explore for the unexpected paths that connect us with people’s stories.

My achievements reflect this conviction, and include major projects from around the world, from Wanda Qingdao Studios in China (Matt Damon agrees that that it is one of my best projects), to the Chobani incubator startup Jar Goods in New York. Through all these experiences I have been fortunate to work with clients who also believed in the importance of honoring hidden human motivations that foster growth. By connecting the dots of brand strategy and human motivation, I hope to make the world -- individuals, businesses, communities -- more accepting for all.

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Feel like we will be a great match for a project? Shoot me an email on julia at makhalova dot com